Saturday, July 08, 2006

I couldn't even relate to being handicapped and trying to maneuver around everyday obstacles, until my Mom became dependent on a walker and later a wheelchair. I quickly became aware of how difficult it was for her to even move around her own home, and when she had to go out to a doctor's appointment or a store, we met all sorts of challenges. I've never had to deal with being a handicapped traveler either, but I realize that it must be really challenging to be able to travel comfortably and confidently if you must deal with a wheelchair or walker, or have limited agility. When it comes to vacationing, the obstacles must seem insurmountable at times. I'm betting that lots of people don't take vacations because it can be too unpredictible to know what they will face for obstacles. On Cape Cod, there are many handicapped accessible hotels, beaches, restaurants, museums, theaters and other attractions. But, because many of the facilities on the Cape are old, they often do not meet the current standards of the ADA. Even a hotel room labeled "handicap accessible" may not have a bathroom that can handle a walker, never mind a wheelchair. And, interestingly enough, most lodging did not even list their facility as handicap accessible even if they had an appropriate room or two. Many of the beaches on the Cape now have "surf chairs" that are available specifically for the handicapped. The chairs have big tires that can be easily pushed through sand and into the water. You can find handicap travel resources such as lodging, beaches, trails and things to do on Cape Cod that will allow you to have a satisying and safe trip. I hope this will help you have the confidence to consider a Cape Cod vacation.


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